The Best Sub Ohm tank – UWELL Crown 4 Tank

The UK UWELL Crown 4 tank is the latest and ultimate vape tank currently on the market. This tank unlike the crown 3 and crown 2 incorporates some of the best features you might not find in any vape tank.

Besides, the crown 4 sub-ohm tank is hand-polished with a knurl at the top and the ends of the bottom. Thus, airflow manipulation and unscrewing the fill system doesn’t require effort.

More so, this awesome sub-ohm tank uses a simplified threaded top fill system with a 6ml capacity alongside a new-leak resistant atomizer design to wow vapers especially those looking to improve their vaping experience. This tank has improved features and can seamlessly be used.

Overview of the UWELL Crown 4 tank

The UWELL Crown 4 tank also introduces a new line of crown coil materials with a striking visual design. It also has a self-cleaning technology housed within the atomizer core. This helps it to absorb excess e-liquid into a condensation holder so that it can vaporize later when you are ready to use it.

With the self-cleaning feature, the crown 4 tank can reduce wastage to the barest minimum and lessen your need to always clean the structure of the tank that is detachable. Vaping just got easier!

Additionally, if you check within the atomizers, you’ll notice the patented Pro- FOCS (Pro Flavor Core Optimization System). This system is responsible for recycling the air that is taken in twice through the central part of the atomizer. With this, you get an additional flavor from the e-liquid that has been vaporized.

The top-fill system present in the UWELL Crown 4 tank can be used for faster refills. Its threaded quarter-turn design makes it easy for you to refill the tank with less downtime between your cloud chucking sessions.

There are angular elements incorporated at the baseless steel of the crown 4 tank. This further adds to its performance and beauty. It has an installed bubble glass tube that is removable and it also has an extra slimmer glass tube that can hold up to 5ml of e-liquid. This sub-ohm tank is the answer to all your vaping needs.

Coils that are compatible with the UWELL Crown 4 tank are the 0.20ohm and 0.40ohm. They consist of SS904L which is a resistive wire resistant to corrosion through the preservation of good quality heat by the level of flavors. The SS904 coil can also be used alongside the temperature control in the SS position.

UWELL sub-ohm Crown 4 tank comes with 1 Crown 4 tank, 1 spare glass tube, 1 Drip Tip cover, 10.4ohm Dual SS904L coil which is rated for 60-70W, 1.0.2ohm Dual SS904L rated for 70-80W, 1 pack of O-Rings, and 1 user’s manual. The crown 4 tank also features a detachable structure, double Helix mesh, and a Pyrex glass reinforcement.

This sub-ohm tank is also available in green, rainbow, black, blue, purple, and stainless steel. Thus, you can conveniently go with any color that suits you.

As a vaper, you owe it to yourself to try the new UWELL crown 4 tank for an amazing vaping experience. So, go and get yours now!


  1. What is a sub ohm tank? Sub Ohm tanks are vape tanks with coils that have a resistance of less than one Ohm. The reduction in resistance means that sub-Ohm tanks can produce thicker vapor.
  2. Why can’t you use salt NIC in sub Ohm? Salt nic e-liquid for pod mod systems typically has a concentration of 50mg, sub-ohm salts tend to come in 3mg and 6mg. That’s because the very high wattage levels of sub-ohm devices could burn the salt-based nicotine.
  3. Do ohms affect sound quality? No, ohms does not relate to sound quality. It does related to the amount of energy an amplifier can transfer from its circuitry to the speaker device.