Smok RPM2 80W Pod Mod Kit Review

The UK Smok RPM 2 kit, striking a good balance in the RPM series, presents full-fledged technology with excellent visual sensation. Powered by a built-in 2000mAh capacity, the Smok RPM 2 is capable of maximum output to 80 watts. It comes standard with two pods and two mesh coils, specially designed for DL and MTL vaping styles, making it a very versatile vaping system. What’s more, the Smok RPM 2 features a large 7ml e-liquid capacity, a firing speed of 0.001s and a stable Type-C, further elevating the vaping experience.


With the introduction of the SMOK RPM 2 80W Pod Mod Kit into the world vape kits market, vaping get better. This vape device is the latest hybrid device to be produced in 2020. It’s specially designed to serve more efficiently with better performance, more power, and a more pleasant overall aesthetic than the previous versions. The new SMOK RPM 2 features efficient coils that offer fantastic cloud production and delightful flavors. Also, SMOK RPM 2 encourages longer hours of use with the newly adapted USB-C for quick charging. Manufactured by SMOK, one of the superior vape manufacturers in China, this device was designed with ample expertise of the creative minds to provide a pleasurable vaping experience.


The SMOK RPM 2 80W Pod Mod is more similar to the existing RPM 40 than the RPM 80 Pro. However, its bigger size (108.5mm by 31mm by 28.5mm) means a better and larger capacity. SMOK RPM 2’ bigger size also attracts the use of a powerful 2000mAh battery with the maximum output up to whopping 80 watts. The new USB-C charging aids quicker charge compared to Micro USB.

The SMOK RPM 2 is made of top quality zinc alloy that makes it more durable and feels great in hand. With the exquisite finishing and different color options, the new metallic coat makes a great compliment. The device features a big fire button at the front side and two other adjustment buttons. The Smok RPM2 has a bright and clear 1.14” OLED display screen showing every necessary information for the user.

When you newly buy your SMOK RPM 2 80W Pod Mod, it comes with preset modes and protections. Some of the high points of this vape device include the handy puff and battery remaining screen that enables users to get updated with the puff and battery information at the click of the fire button and right adjustment button.

The SMOK RPM 2 80W Pod Mod Kit comes with two sets of cartridges and coil sets – the previously existing version and the latest RPM 2. If you are a vaping veteran, this device offers you the benefits of continuous vaping with the two cartridges that can hold up to 7ml of e-liquid! SMOK RPM 2 remains one of the best options for veteran vapers who love huge clouds. It has a wide airflow slot that helps produce heaps of air, making it a perfect device for DTL vaping. If you want to tighten the draw, all you need do is block one of the airholes.


The price of SMOK RPM 2 may vary depending on the site you are buying from. However, the price is much more affordable. You can get the SMOK RPM 2 80W Pod Mod in the market for as low as $39.99 USD. Although it’s relatively more expensive than the two previous versions, it’s worth the price considering its level of performance and productivity. This is an excellent device with a class!


The SMOK RPM 2 80W Pod Mod is produced in a variety of beautiful colors and styles, including prism gold, prism blue, prism rainbow, prism deep tarnish, bright black, and red. The packaging contains the SMOK RPM 2 Pod Mod, 2 x Coils, 2 x cartridges, USB-C charging cable, and a user manual.


  1. What is a vape pod kit?A pod vape is available in pre-filled or refillable designs. They consists of a pod filled with vape juice that snaps into a small battery.
  2. Which is a better pod or mod vape?Mod systems are equipped with far more technology offering higher wattage, better firing power, more temperature control that pod. Mods will provide more pull, more flavor, and larger vape clouds than a Pod could.
  3. What does the coil do in a vape?The coil is an important part of the atomizer, which allows for resistance to be achieved so the tank can serve as a delivery mechanism for the consumption of vapor. Coils are made using resistive wire and absorbent material.