Bulk RTA: The Best Rebuildable Tank?


Historically, collaborations in the vaping world have had ever lasting positive impacts. Almost every collaboration has blessed the world with a fusion of visual aesthetic and functionality. Most recent collaborative effort is between OUMIER and VapnFagan Bulk RTA. We will review if the collaboration has allowed Oumier Bulk RTA UK to stand the test of our review and become the best rebuildable tank.


The Oumier Bulk RTA comes with:

1 x Oumier Bulk RTA 1 x Spare Kit 1 x Glass body 1 x Extra Drip Tip 2 x Shoelace Cotton 2 x Tricore-fused Clapton Coil

A Brief Outlook

  • It is designed by OUMIER and VapnFagan. It has a sealed, completely leakage and spill proof structure
  • Comes in a 2ml capacity of tank with a building deck for dual coils
  • The main structure is made out of stainless steel and glass
  • Bottom triple airflow system

Now that an introduction is out of the way, we can consider what makes Oumier Bulk RTA UK the best rebuildable tank.

Design and Build Quality

True to its name and origins, the bulk RTA UK is QUITE BULKY. It’s massive! The Oumier Bulk RTA has a 28mm diameter which is quite huge and finding a vape mod for it can be quite a hunt. Owing to its size, it can hold a considerably large amount of juice. It has a well machined base that comes with three airflow slots. The airflow slots are adjustable which allow you the options of choosing between an airy flow and a constricted one. With a wide drip tip that open upward with a derlin 810 wide bore top, the tank has a great build quality.

Building on the Oumier Bulk RTA

The RTA only requires to be unscrewed and it will basically unwind itself. The tank has a postless build deck which is neatly curved and raised to prevent any leakages. Best thing is its minimal parts and no unnecessary screws and latches.


It requires safe hands and a good precision. The provided coils leave little space for fine adjustment of the cotton. However, make sure the cotton is properly placed, but not touching the coil directly.

Filling the Tank

It is as simple as filling a water bottle! Simply unwind the top cap and decant (pour gently) into the dual kidney shaped ports. And do not worry about overfilling and spilling as it comes with a required recess to accommodate any excessive liquid.


Although the coils are thirsty, it’s fair enough given the large capacity. The overall performance is amazing and a pleasure to vape. The vapor and cloud formation are thick, dense, and insane! The airflow is smooth, flavor is rich and strong, and clouds monstrous. In terms of performance, Oumier Bulk RTA is surely the best in the UK.

Summing the Cons

The pre-attached drip tip is perhaps too large for some vape users, but quite satisfactory for most. Given the two solid wicks, the wicking ports appear a bit too small. O-ring is sealed (stuck) in a way that it is nearly impossible to separate the glass from the chimney at the top.


Our verdict is: it is the easiest and best RTA to build on. If you have an equally big mod to rock, the Oumier Bulk RTA UK must be your first and ultimate choice


  1. What is RTA?

RTA stands for a rebuildable tank atomizer, RTA vape tanks come in different coil configurations and it matches the versatility of build decks with the convenience of tanks.

  1. How long do RTA coils last?

A new coil should last between one to two weeks. This builds up on your coils or wicks and clogs your device.

  1. Where is the best online store to buy vape juice for RTA in the UK?

Newvaping have more than 2000 e-liquids and offer free shipping on any orders over 45 pounds, and process most orders on the next working day of you placing them.